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Based in North Wales and Co. Kildare, Ireland, I have been a practicing herbalist since 1987 when I qualified with the Dr Christopher School of Natural Healing. I specialise in Western herbal medicine, herbal alchemy with Spagyrics, and am also a Reiki Master.

From my apothecary I consult with patients and make up personalised prescriptions with medicinal plants and herbal remedies.

In 2001 I was introduced by an herbal colleague to Phylak Spagyrics and have actively practised this system ever since, being constantly impressed and inspired by the results of the treatments.

Phylak Spagyrics was founded by Dr B Gopalsamy Naidu, research scientist and health practitioner, CEO of Phylak Laboratories, specialising in medicinal plants and their impact on modern day diseases. I took over the UK distribution in spring 2019 and am working to bring these exceptional essences to a wider customer base.

The essences have complex energetic and physical actions and I am happy to personally advise on the use of these remedies.