About Spagyric Medicine

What is Spagyric Medicine?

Spagyric Medicine incorporates concepts from Paracelsus, and more modern systems such as herbal plant medicine, classical homeopathy, aromatherapy, mineral therapy and Flower Remedies. The latest scientific research is also on-going in this field, ensuring that both ancient and modern medicinal knowledge is integrated.

Drosera - Spagyric Medicine

Spagyric essences work on a vibrational level in their action upon the emotional/mind and physical spheres and can be employed in numerous situations. Most people seek help to relieve physical symptoms. Even so it is often necessary to address the emotional and psychological aspects which may predispose the illness or imbalance.

In an era where many people are experiencing life changing events, the ability to transition smoothly is essential for wellbeing and vitality. Guidance and help are required to maintain homeostasis. These medicines can help the patient to understand the root cause of their illness, and learn to regain control of their lives.

Some medicine systems appear to be less effective than previous times. It has been suggested that the energetic frequency of both the earth and human organism are changing. Therefore these systems may no longer be a vibrational match for the changing frequencies. Spagyric Medicine is designed to 'tune in with' these current frequencies. Research suggests that the Spagyric essences may instigate improved health by energetically influencing DNA.

New essences are constantly being developed by the Phylak researchers to keep pace with the changing times. Patients can expect to receive a tailor-made formula, matching the individual symptom picture.

Spagyrics are used as a plant spirit medicine by many medical herbalists and practitioners in traditional medicine using an holistic approach.

Some historical milestones

The name 'Spagyric' is derived from the Greek 'Spa-ageiro', meaning the plant constituents are separated and recombined to produce an essence that is natural, pure and non-toxic.

Paracelsus (1493-1541), the Swiss physician, philosopher and medical visionary, taught that man was affiliated to nature and therefore should be guided by the healing properties of nature (plants), and their ability to restore health and vitality.

The renewed interest in this medicine system, in more recent times, was due to the work of Dr Carl Zimpel (1801-1879), a German physician. Today, Zimpel's methods of preparation are used.

Safety of Spagyric Medicine

Phylak Testing

Phylak Spagyric Medicines are prepared alchemically in licensed laboratories at PHYLAK Sachsen Laboratories, Germany and Switzerland, under strict conditions. Independent pharmaceutical chemists monitor the safe production of these medicines, ensuring that the essences are free from any toxic elements. These essences are therefore safe to use and have no known interactions with medications or other treatment systems.

Each Spagyric essence has its own Certificate of Analysis, indicating that the necessary criteria have been satisfied to the standards of both the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

These medicines are commonly prescribed on the continent, by medically qualified doctors, and they are recognised by some medical insurers (Switzerland). Although there are various brands of Spagyric medicines, the PHYLAK brand (method of Dr Zimpel) is recognised in the Germany Pharmacopoeia (paragraphs 25 and 26).

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