Aura Sprays and Divine Candle

We are delighted to launch a range of nine Aura Sprays, each carefully chosen with selected Spagyric essences to harmonise the aura and create positive room atmospheres.

Aura Sprays

They come in a 30 ml spray bottle.

Directions for use: If necessary, give 2 to 3 sprays into the aura above the head several times a day and wait for the fine mist to disperse. Please keep your eyes closed. After a short exposure time, the Spagyric Aura Spray noticeably unfolds its energizing effect, which is also noticeable for animals and plants.

To harmonize the room, give 2 to 3 sprays in the affected areas or the entire room.

01. Cleansing and Light

01Cleansing and Light

"Cleansing & Light" cleans a room from external influences and converts dark into white energies.

On the energetic level it serves to protect against negative vibrations and rays. The rock crystal in the heart of the bottle enhances the subtle effect. It supports the calming of the mental state and promotes a harmonious alignment with the higher self. As the "master healer stone" it stands for our crown chakra.

"Cleansing & Light" affects the entire incarnation, strengthens our personal energy and brings light into our life.

02. Protection and Strength

02Protection and Strength

"Protection & Strength" protects us from people who are not well disposed towards us and enables us to be more loving in the community.

On the energetic level it serves to purify the spirit and protect the soul. The amethyst in the heart of the bottle enhances the subtle effect. Its cleansing and inspiring properties influence our brow chakra.

"Protection & Strength" activates the room energy and noticeably helps to keep us above and beyond.

03. Joy and Energy

03Joy and Energy

"Joy & Energy" improves our communication skills and enables us to have an open dialogue.

On an energetic level, it counteracts tension, grief and sadness and actively brings us back our good mood. The citrine in the heart of the bottle enhances the subtle effect. It stands for cheerfulness, serenity and promotes a positive attitude towards life. As a family stone, it affects our heart chakra.

"Joy & Energy" strengthens our self-confidence, our expressiveness and gives us noticeably more joie de vivre day after day.

04. Love and Care

04Love and Care

"Love & Care" strengthens intuition, increases empathy and promotes love.

On the energetic level it serves to alleviate fears and ensures inner balance. The moonstone in the heart of the bottle enhances the subtle effect. It gives a youthful charisma and increases interpersonal attraction.

The spagyric aura spray "Love & Care" intensifies the sensitivity to our human environment and gives us noticeably more vitality.

05. Peace and Balance

05Peace and Balance

"Peace & Balance" slows down negative energies and leads us from darkness into light.

On the energetic level it enables us to radiate calm and balance. The amber in the heart of the bottle enhances the subtle effect. It stands for joie de vivre, mindfulness and promotes your own creativity. As a protective stone, it alleviates fears and brings us courage, strength and optimism.

"Peace & Balance" promotes a hopeful, constructive atmosphere and shows us the way to inner harmony.

06. Future and Change

06Future and Change

"Future & Change" gives us stability, courage and energy.

On the energetic level it stands for transformation and reconstruction. The carnelian in the heart of the bottle enhances the subtle effect. It leads to spiritual openness, ensures a free flow of emotions and thus promotes our sense of community and idealism.

"Future & Change" helps us to let go, to free ourselves and opens us for new ways of life.

07. Lightness and Trust

07Lightness and Trust

"Lightness & Trust" enables us to gain confidence even in difficult life situations and causes us to fly with our own wings.

On the energetic level it supports the alleviation of sadness. The opal in the heart of the bottle enhances the subtle effect. It intensifies the need for self-realization and increases self-confidence. Its unique play of colours has a beneficial effect on the soul and reinforces our feelings.

"Lightness & Trust" reduces insecurities and strengthens belief in ourselves.

08. Happiness and Success

08Happiness and Success

"Happiness & Success" serves to dissolve restrictive thought patterns and expands the mental horizon.

On the energetic level, it stimulates us to new perspectives and supports an inner attitude of abundance and true success. The larimar in the heart of the bottle enhances the subtle effect. It stands for redesign and self-realization.

"Happiness & Success" enables us to receive more recognition and ensures a noticeable upgrading of an existing situation.

09. Healing and Peace of Mind

09Healing and Peace of Mind

"Healing & Peace of Mind" gives us the peaceful feeling of domestic security on all our stages.

On the energetic level, it cleanses our energy system, smoothes the aura and activates the chakras. Through the dynamization with the healing stone Aqua aura, the soul is healed and the mind is calmed. The aquamarine in the heart of the bottle also enhances the subtle effect. It symbolizes peace and helps us to listen to our inner voice and to find ourselves.

"Healing & Peace of Mind" supports us in reducing emotional stress, accompanies us and makes us feel secure everywhere.

Divine Creation Candle

Divine Creation Candle

This beautiful candle is scented with selected spagyric essences and burns with a warm, aromatic fragrance.

The handcrafted candle is in the shape of the Echinacea flower and made with high quality beeswax.

Beeswax is particularly suitable for absorbing our spagyric essences. The alcohol contained in the essences ensures a pleasant crackling sound when burned.

Our "Divine Creation" candle contains a special mixture this year. It consists of eight different SHIVA-VISA combinations and is equivalent to the Flower of Life, which symbolically emits cosmic radiation, harmony and perfection.

In terms of energy, the mixture brings harmony in the family, community and within a group. At the same time, it ensures balance and positive energies in a relationship that is characterized by strong differences.

Our candle gets its yellow colour from the carotenoids and flavonoids of the plant pollen contained in natural beeswax. Its fragrance will envelop your home in a warm, aromatic scent for weeks without it even being lit.